Forever After True Love , part 2 :)

...... frankly speaking, actly I errr I suke Afira :| I suke drpd skula rendah lh, since I was in Tebrau lg, I tried to throw ths feelings nd create some feelings fr you, tp it just doesnt work you, Im sorry, fr God sake i've tried, I swear :( , Friends ?" Ade rase mcam na tmpar tk Faris nehh, Ohhmylanta Melissa mcam na mkan jea Faris mcam bulldog lapaa Grr tapi Melissa act cool nd replied, "Okay Faris ;)" She did cry, tp tkkan na canang stu kmpung kann, so she just kept quiet, she pretended to be strong instead to be like a cry-baby =.=

Time passes, around July Melissa's dad held an event gtuu lah kan, Melissa ofcuhs invited her frnds including si Badigol tuu --' He came nd thts it, miracle didnt happen when Melissa expected tht he will go to her nd say "Iloveyou" , but tkjd punn so whtever tenukk ;p Tapi sumpah tht day Melissa looked super cute sbb she's wearing all pink like Little Pink Riding Hood :) bukn mcam Bab* lh bedoo -.-' So besokny enth knp fr fun Melissa tried opening Faris's blog nd Heaven YEAHH! He posted abt Melissa nd guess wht he wrote , " All my love nd my soul is to you, my soulmate <3 Ohhmylanta, terkezzut beruk Melissa mcam na joget kel*** dkadd Jln Kuil pun ade jugak kann Hihi cinta berputik kembali gituu kann Awwww :-* Though Melissa's frnds mcam tk agree but as long as Melissa's happy, they are :)

Since then Faris chnged yeahh Again tah yee tahh tidak* He became more loving, romantic, manis gtuu lh kann, tk padan jugak mamat yg mcam nerd nehh, mcam jea XD But sokay, they're still SS, bukn syok sendiri lerr, Super Sweet sbb dyorg same color gituu Hihihi peace ^^ Melissa cnfident gylaa tht Faris tkmcam dulu sbb he said tht she is his everything, smthing tht he cnt live without, nd willing to scrfice anything fr Melissa nd their love :) And akhinyaaa ; 992010 dyorg became perfect two as a couple :)

Okay semua org ths is the ending kan? Hihi never say never, the course of love never run tht smooth yee rakan-rakan :) Sch Holidays ; ofcuhs lh kan semua org dah sebok cuti cuti malaysia, nd the same goes to Melissa. She had to go to Disneyland sbb na melayan her siblings fr 12 days nd its equivalent to 12 million days fr Melissa nd Faris :| Enth knp Melissa mcam berat jea hati na pegi , nd she dnt knw why tp Faris kept tht he's going to be okay, he will wait fr Melissa smp dy balek nd tkkan flirt dgn sesape punn nd thts his loyal prmise :D
Faris ; " you balek cepadd okayy, you balek jea you text tauu yang nnti I nyanyi lgu Sempurna utk you nak tak ? :)"
Melissa ; " Haha okayy I will sayanggg, jnji mmkay tnggu I blek, no matter wht happens between us, iloveyou tau no one can break our love castle :)
Melissa prmise tht she would find a way to communicate wth each other nd Faris like 24/7 mengadap lptp tunggu Melissa onl , 24/7 update blog to say tht how he missed Marissa alot :')

Soon, 288 hours finally passed! Melissa ofcuhs lh relieved kann sbb she's in Malaysia already :) Tros on her Nokia C3 nd text Faris, Sayang, budak terlebih comell dah balik <33>.< The sad part is Faris tkreply, Melissa fell asleep nd the next day there's text frm Faris, " Melissa, Sorry but i just want my old life bck, I dnt thnk I need a girlfriend nd all I want is freedom I guess, sorry to let you down but I'll definitely stick to my decision"
____________________________________________________________ *Melissa's feelings*
"Sayang, you kate I balik you na nynyikan I lgu sempurna, lgu yg you slalu nyanyi tuu?"
"You kate I'm eveything worth in yr life?"
"You dah jnji kite frever, you dah jnji you na share sakit/pening/ happiness you dgn I?"
"Faris you kate Im always in your heart nd never gone?"
"Imiss you holding my hands, hugging me as if you dnt wnt to let me go, kiss me on the forehead to show tht you care, but now?"
"Jnji you semua mane sayang, kenape senang sgt you lepaskan I, knp you dah tk syg I? Wht did I do wrong?" Okay nehh semua dlam kpale otak Melissa, she didnt even rply the text nd her blog was just written, "Thnks fr the memory yeahh ;)" nd thts it, she could take it no more :( Wht she cn just do is bersabar nd mayb ade hikmah jd semua bnd nehh :")

Okay, dlam love stry ofcuhs ade Devil wears Coach okayy ofkos adeeee, klaw tkd tk lengkap gituu hihi ^^ She? Na katee lawa, muke dy mcam kene lenyek dgn mini cooper, comell, tupaii lg comell kutt Hikhik :D Na kate hot, Neraka lg Hot =.= so dy nehh biasebiase jelahh, agak GOD yeee -.- okay lari topic haha nd yeahh name dy Fazlina kam**** tk name dy? haha amboii mengata ehh XD sambung, since Melissa nd Faris break prmpuan nehh slalu kcau Faris nd Faris is the only one yg melayan sbb tkd org lyan prmpuan nehh sbb dy budak reject dkadd skula :O Fazlina amat kembang setaman bilee adee GUY layann dy, ERR so Fazlina's frnds tkpuas hati sgt dgn prmpuan nehh so they say out abt her nd knw wht? Faris defended her nd blamed Melissa fr all ths, sumpah Melissa tktau pape but Faris dah strt maki hamun Melissa kt blog :O Faris lupe ke yg dyorg pena in-a-relationship? Faris terhantuk pasu bunga smp he frgot everthing, Ohhmylanta :( Melissa is sadd, the guy whom she never stop loving clled her a BITCH! Eversince tht day, Melissa didnt go onl sbb tksnggup tgok ap yg Faris buadd :(

So tday was 28th December 2010, its been 1 year since thier frst annie of thier accidentally-met :) Melissa kuatkan semangat, onl to check on Faris's blog, hoping tht Faris will say, " Im sorry nd Iloveyou" But, the post wasnt wht she wanted, Faris masih mengata/maki Melissa lg :( Melissa read nd she took a piece of paper nd wrote smthing on it nd went to the kitchen .

On the same day, its dinner time . Semua pelik why Melissa tktrun mkan so her csin, Siti decided to check on her in the room :) Once she's in, she saw Melissa lying down on the floor nd an empty bottle of diet pills beside her nd her lptop is still on :) The window on the screen was Faris tumblr nd his last sentence of the post was, "I think you shall swallow the damn diet pills and I'll see you in Heaven ! xD Ohh nd Hell, all of 'em if possible yeahh Yipeeee ! :D" Siti took the piece of note in her hand nd it wrote ;
Anything fr you Faris, I'll wait fr you in Heaven :)"

Forever Yours in soul ;
Melissa Muhamad

Look, wht cn love do. Death weyy Melissa cinta mati kutt dgn Faris, but Faris tuu bedol sgt tkpena na nmpk wht Melissa had scrifice fr him, her heart :') If you have a girlfriend treat her well , or others will :) Nd one more thng, never say For-ever cuhs Forever never exist :")

So ths is the endingg, fuhhhh penatt mak buadd crite ;p If there's any co-incidence Im sorry, your love stry is too common nd it happened to be the same ;p Ths so called love stry tkd kene mengene antara yg hidup atau yg dah Inalillah atau lebih tepat KOJOL ==" Sekiann

P/s ; You inspired me alott, sayang kauu dikk :D

Sincerely frm ;
Amira Amanda :)