Forever After True Love , part 1 :)

Ahemmm, nmpk tk tittle post dy ? Ya Allah gerun tak? I type pun gigil nehh cehhcehh kemaen lg ;p Btw, pictures above nehh comell takk? I rase sweeeeeeett sgt tawww, B na mcam nehh bule ? Hikhik :-* Okay lari tajukk ==
Bismillah, nw kan act I na buadd love story tauu, dahlame dah i fikir psal bnd nehh so hari nehh baru na buadd :) Nd yeahh, neh bukn psal I kayy :D So readers/followers enjoy ehh :)

Okay, sebelum we strted berfesbuk fesbuk sgale nehh, kite ade mys kann? Whoaaa its like mys tmpt crik jodoh lh konon kan, klaw bole semua org na berkenalan kt situu :) Then there's a girl named Melissa, dy frm 2 tp tkd boyf tauutauu almaklumlah kitee frm 2 dah mengenyam frever bgai kann Hihi tp dy tk tauu, she nt interested :) So one day, as usual onl lahh kan then ad mamat bangla cehh jahat* haha okayy tak, ade one anonymous boy neh tegur dy, nd dy layan jelahh kan mcam byase, chit chat chit chat :D Lpastu biaselah kann MAN, baru baik sikedd jea dah mintak num, menggade betul* Cehh prmpuan ape kurang kann? Hihi Okay then melissa neh bg jelahh enn sbb konony kate punn kawann gituu Awwww :)

Day by day, Faris nehh klaw bule na text Melissa hari hari kutt, even if dyorg text nd if Melissa onl, dyorg still tegur each other :) Faris nehh nt bad lh So-So lh na kate pandai tk lh, but he speakes good english, friendly lh . But, Faris nehh act kaki clubbing, smoker , minum , terjal nd whtsoever lh kan tapi tapi Melissa tk kesah but she is wrried abt her frnds sbb dy belum introudce kan lg kat dyorang .

28th December 2009 ; Melissa pegi outing dgn cousins dy lh kan, dyorg lepaklepak kt J.Co then suddenly she saw someone familiar. Dy angkt angkt kening gtu lh kann, Hihi okay to rupenye Faris then Melissa ajak jelh join kan since frst time meet gituu kann :) Okayy frst meet, Faris nehh kinda tall lh, pkai spect mcam genius lh hehe Then cousin Melissa, Siti snapped thier pictures lh kan :) Hikhik kinda sweet lh sbb dyorg same karer gituuu Hahaha xD peacee bebehh Okay balekbalek jea Melissa nehh excited gylaa pegi masukkan dkadd mys nd her friends were like , "Sp mamat nehh, knp gelap sngt?" , "mane dy muncul?, asal kitorang tkpena nmpk nor kenal punn?" nd stuffs lh kan, tapi semua kept their mouth shut --'

Sch re-opens , okay semua tny Melissa sp mamat tuu then biase lh jwapan artist , "kawan jelah" Muahaha maken hari , dyorg maken rapat kutt :) Serious mase nehh everything went smoothly :) Tapi eachtime Melissa na jumpe Faris msti heret her bestie along, konon malu malu gituu, Faris punn same slalu bwak Ejaz :D Not long after tht, skula ade buadd carnival , whoaaa pantas jelh kann Melissa ajak Faris nd ofcuhs, he came :) He met Melissa's frnd nd stuffs, best gyla time to tkd org na kcau :D

Ths is where the love starts :) They get closer to each other everyday, bfre na tido strting to have "Iloveyou" Ohhmylanta sweeeet wa ckapp luu :) Thn at one time, fmily Melissa hav to go Korea ad business kt sanee nd she hav to follow fr a couple of weeks :( Sumpah Melissa tknk pegi mase to sbb they cnt communicate dgn Faris tp ofcuhs lh kene pegi kann :) Days nd nights Mellisa had been thinking of him, wishing him will wait fr her to come home :') She couldn't go onl sbb parents dy tkbg so buad bodoh jelh :)

Two weeks past, Melissa balek Malaysia Ohhmylanta sumpah dy excited gylaa sbb na text Faris tht she's bck :) Balik rumah jea straightaway dy on her hndphne nd her lptop :) She tried texted Faris , no reply . Kinda of saddening tp she went onl dulu lh kan, she logged in nd went to Faris prfile nd , He's in a relationship! Ohhmylanta mcam na terkeluar mata Melissa, nseb baik dy sempat masukkan balik :( Dy tk sngke lgsung tht Faris will do ths to her nd cpl dgn minah keling instead of her :( Melissa's frnds tksnggup na bgtau dy nd let her see by herself :'( Faris act like nthing happen nd muke dy sumpah mcam dumbass mse tuu == So whtever Melissa moved on wth her life wth tears dropping somtimes ;')

Tklame mcamtuu, Faris dgn keling to, Malachelvi broke up . Hahaha padan lh dgn muke kau setans xD But bfre ths Melissa dgn Faris were still friends like normal :) Okay after dyorg break Melissa is kinda happy sbb she thought she might have Faris in her arms :D So they continued like bfre but stu hari they were on coversation Faris said tht dy na single smp 20 Ohhmylanta, Melissa's frnd mase tu mcam na humban jea Faris dlam kanda Bab* Serious it was shit, Melissa still sabar nd cntinue on like nthng happen though her heart bleeds :')

Day by day , Faris came bck to normal nd even better! He strted to cll Melissa "sayang, baby, darling" sgale yg sweet lh kann nd he chnged a lot, he stopped drinking but he still cntinue smoking :O But Melissa sikedd tk stop dy becuhs its his life kan, but Faris became loving nd more to be cnsiderate abt Melissa's feelings :) Okay ape tauu, he bought fr Melissa patung Shrek :) Comelllll, he asked Melissa to keep it sampai mati nd told her nt to lost it :D

But on ths weird day Faris text Melissa nd said tht , " you actly I na bgtau you smthing, actly I sayang you sangat, I dnt wanna lose you even fr a second, tapiiiiii ....

-End, part 2 is tomorrow Hihi